And The Youth Shall See Visions

Over the course of my lifetime, young people of America have stood up with their young souls, to make profound changes and progress towards a more perfect Union. Just think of the end of the Vietnam War, the Freedom Fighters of the Civil Rights Movement, where young people marched, bled and lost their lives for taking a stand for voting rights. The names of Goodman, Schwerner, and Chaney, young people who were killed in June 1964 in Mississippi, are etched in history for their sacrifice. There are many other names that we should remember in history.

Think of the young people who have already had an impact today...Greta Thunberg— climate change activist; the young survivors of the Parkland Mass Shooting with their brilliant “March for Our Lives” movement demonstration in March 2018; and the thousands of young people who took a knee on the football field or stood to declare “Black Lives Matter” to raise their voices against the violence of police killings of Black people and systemic racism.

2020hats&stuff salutes and honors young people in all that we do. We also plead for our young people to stand up, speak out and vote. Young people will make it possible to bring about the changes we desperately need in 2020.

“We Vote-We Rise!”

With love and kindness,